A little bit of this and a little bit of that (7QT)

We survived another week of Fresno hot, hot heat. To celebrate, I’m linking up for another round of Quick Takes, then putting my head in the freezer until we’re out of the triple digits.

Just so you know I'm not exaggerating.

Just so you know I’m not exaggerating.


I talked a little about some of my TV and movie favorites last week and one of my blogging heroes requested I elaborate a bit since we’re both fans of Jeeves and Wooster, which gets far too little love if you ask me. Be warned, my tastes are not refined in the least, I have been known to enjoy sci-fi from time to time, and I once aspired to be a taxi-driver when I grew up (not that it would affect my taste in movies, but it should clue you in on what kind of mind you’re dealing with, here).


My 10 favorite movies (in no order)

The Usual Suspects
Oskar introduced me to this when we first started dating. It’s just a smart movie with excellent acting and perfect pacing.

The Princess Bride
Everyone loves this gem and I’m no exception. A favorite since childhood.

I love the version with Julia Ormond and Harrison Ford. This is the perfect romance, to me. Understated, elegant and not without subtle humor.

Murder By Death
I grew up watching this, so I guess I inherited this favorite from my dad, who loves Peter Sellers. It’s strange, hillarious and utter nonsense. Fun to watch again and again.

12 Angry Men
My sister’s husband recommended this one and it did not disappoint. The entire movie takes place in the juror’s deliberation room, so it’s all about the dialogue. I think it’s from the late 50’s, so it has that old, smoky atmosphere.

I’m pretty sure this movie is objectively sort of bad, but it’s another I grew up hearing my dad quote. I remember the first time I watched it, I realized all those confusing things my dad said were from this movie and suddenly my world made a little more sense. Chevy Chase is pretty funny, too.

Cry every darn time. That Pixar writing is something else. Max loves the dogs.

The Sound of Music
Who doesn’t love this love story? I have to include the image, just because it’s so lovely.

The Great Escape
And if you like The Great Escape, you’ll love Chicken Run with your kids!

No one likes Wall-E but me, but I don’t care. I thought it was poignant, without being preachy.


My 10 favorite TV series

Arrested Development: Seasons 1-3
Funniest show ever. Hands down. Forever and ever, the end. (sans 4th season)

Jeeves & Wooster
Hugh Laurie is the most lovable buffoon you’ll ever watch. It’s almost impossible to believe he is the same actor who plays House. The man has skills. Stephen Fry is the quintessential gentleman’s gentleman, too. He gives Mr. Carson a run for his money.

Two Fat Ladies
It’s both the grossest and most entertaining cooking show I’ve seen. I fell in love with these two ladies, who both happen to be catholic and talk a lot about it in their show. I really recommend it for everyone. I will lend you my DVDs!

Agatha Christie’s Poirot
I am giving myself away as a total anglophile, and it’s true. I love me some BBC. Suchet is Piorot as far as I’m concerned. I read Agatha Cristie as growing up, so these are fun to watch.

Downton Abbey
Predictable of me, but still. First two seasons were greeeaaaat. It made me wish we behaved more like they did in the good old days.

Battlestar Galactica
I warned you that I liked sci-fi, didn’t I? I feel like anyone would like this show because of all the thoughtful questions it asks. There was even an episode that dealt with making abortion illegal, because what sense did it make to allow humans to kill babies when they were in danger of extinction? Even if you don’t like this genre I’d give it a try.

The Office
I’m a long time fan, and I stuck with this show until the end, even when Oskar was bored out of his mind.

Benedict Cumberbach is incredibly talented, and his Sherlock’s exchange with Watson is the best I’ve seen. It’s a fun re-creation of the old classic.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Please don’t watch it. It’s filthy and irreverent and I don’t want to be responsible for the tarnishing of your soul. I only watched the first 3 seasons before I was too offended, but oh my gosh, I laughed so hard.

30 Rock
I can’t help but love Tina Fey. We always watched this when it was really late and when needed something for an easy laugh that didn’t make us think.


And now back to my predictable old ramblings… How about a photo of the kids, because I can’t go single post without that. Here are some from our recent zoo outing.

photo (28)

No sun on the baby!

photo (29)

Cool dude. He love the reptile house bestest.

I didn't manage to take a picture of an actual animal, but this statue reminded me of how we used to be able to ride the tortoise, when I was a kid.

I didn’t manage to take a picture of an actual animal, but this statue reminded me of how we used to be able to ride the tortoise, when I was a kid.


You know what’s challenging? Finding a flight from Fresno to Sioux Falls that is none of following: break the bank expensive, requiring multiple layovers, more than 6 hours of travel (my arbitrary threshold for air travel with little kids), involving waking up before 5 am or putting the kids down after 10 pm. Good thing Oskar loves a challenge, because he’s at the desktop now trying purchase some tickets that avoids all those criteria.  I lost my Expedia booking privileges when I accidentally bought a flight in the wrong month. On two separate occasions.

It’s not that I’m a huge moron or anything (or at least not only because of that), it’s just travelling is the Achilles heel of my mental health and I get all stressed and lose the ability to make intelligent decisions.  It wasn’t always like that. I could really role with the punches back in the day, travelling Europe with no plans or money. However, my neuroses grew exponentially with the addition each kid and with recent traumatic experiences involving flights and vomit.


Now that I got that complaining out of the way, I should say that I am looking forward to my first ever trip to the most southern of the Dakotas, where we’ll be attending the wedding of a longtime Chomicki family friend. Plus, to help me deal with the challenges of the trip (and, let’s be honest, to save himself from having to hear me complain) Oskar agreed to a slightly nicer hotel than usual, so we’ll be living it up at the Homewood Suites. And the most exciting part of the trip, we’ll also get to see some of Oskar’s family, who will be coming in from NY and Poland. I know I should be focusing on all those positives, but my brain hates me and fixates on the not-so-distant memories of screaming, antsy kids stuck in a plane for far too long, running to catch connecting flights when your kid barfs mid jet-bridge, and being beyond tired while trying to explain that this bed is just as good as your “soft, comfy bed at home” to a miserable, sick child. But, I don’t think that combination of events can happen two trips in a row, right? Impossible! This next one has to be a breeze.


Before you go, please say a prayer for Dwija at House Unseen , who is dealing with some serious complications in her pregnancy. She is a ray of sunshine in this world and her writing about motherhood and family inspires me.

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye, all! See Jen for more Quick Takes!

One thought on “A little bit of this and a little bit of that (7QT)

  1. Trying not to make this a long comment, *but* so many great movies! I like the new Sabrina too- I think Greg Kinnear is really funny in it. Haven’t seen Murder by Death, Usual Suspects, or Fletch, but love all the others! The beginning to Up is one of my fav Pixar “moments”. The book “Forever Liesl” is a fun/easy read, and talks a lot about the background to making the SOM.
    My hubs and I enjoy Jeeves & Wooster, and LOVE Sherlock. The Office seasons 1-3 are one of my top fav shows ever. Even though the rest wasn’t the same, I couldn’t not watch until the end either.
    And, oh man, looking for flights stresses me out to the max. I feel like a 30min. search turns into hours/ days!
    Your kiddos are so cute! Looks like the zoo was a hit. :)

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